State of Emergency

EmailYou people just refuse to use the reply system. Here’s an excerpt of an email sent to clutter up my inbox:

“Don’t you think that it’s odd that the Oath Keepers formed right after Obama was elected, but many of the actual offenses they’re afraid of have already happened??? And years earlier, under Bush??? What, did they trust Bush to use his unitary executive powers because he was one of them, but now that Obama’s in power they’re suddenly afraid of  the abuse of power??? What are they afraid of, a takeover of the government by the government??? Are they afraid that the United States government will invade the United States??? Aren’t these guys just paranoid one-world-government/birther/truther kooks???”

First, it’s President Bush, not just Bush. Second, I already know after one question mark that you’re asking a question. You don’t need three. Third, no. These guys aren’t paranoid at all. Look at all of the stuff that happened while President Bush was in office (and this is just off the top of my head):

  • American citizens were held as ‘enemy combatants’ without access to an attorney
  • Foreigners were held for years as ‘enemy combatants’ without charges, or a trial, or access to attorneys
  • A subset of these foreigners were hidden from the Red Cross and given to other countries to torture
  • Eventually, we got our own CIA secret torture enhanced interrogation prisons in countries where that’s legal
  • Searches and wiretaps on anyone were allowed without any warrants or meaningful oversight under the Patriot Act
  • Issued secret ‘signing statements’ to usurp the power of the Legislative Branch by secretly modifying the legislation that they passed
  • We went to war in two countries without a Declaration of War in either case (although this one’s admittedly not new)

If all of that stuff happened under a good President, imagine what Obama has in store for us. This new threat is only now emerging, and that’s why we’re in a state of emergency.


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