The Only Narrative That Makes Sense

Oath KeepersWell folks, I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s post. I went through the orders that the Oath Keepers wouldn’t obey. Most of them correspond pretty clearly to the Bill of Rights, but some don’t. I started thinking: why were these added? And why leave out all of the other parts of the Bill of Rights? There are some pretty important rights in there. Freedom of religion and the press. The right to refuse self-incrimination. The prohibition of cruel and unusual punishments. No, there’s clearly some sort of reason that these were chosen, and through my incredible powers of deduction, I think I have it.

First, let me state without reservation that I refuse to engage in baseless speculation. I take my internet-related duties seriously, and this subject deserves sober reflection. So I refuse to speculate as to why President Obama wants to destroy America, but it seems pretty clear that he does. By a careful analysis of the Oath Keeper list of “Orders We Will NOT Obey”, it seems pretty clear that they believe that President Obama intends to do the following:

  • First, declare a state of emergency and impose martial law. This could be on any pretext, like an impending WMD attack on America. It doesn’t matter so long as people are scared.
  • Next, disarm the American people so that they cannot resist him. Once the American people are totally defenseless, restrict the rights of free speech, assembly, and petitioning the government. This would make it easier to suppress the nation.
  • If he meets resistance from individuals, and he likely would, he would have several options:
    • Conduct warrantless searches to find the freedom fighters
    • Confiscate property, food, and supplies to keep the freedom fighters weak and ill-equipped
    • Detain any American citizens who protest as ‘unlawful enemy combatants’ and subject them to a military tribunal
  • If entire cities or states resist, then it would be on to more draconian responses:
    • Invade the offending state
    • Force entire groups of American citizens into detention camps
    • Blockade cities which are difficult to subjugate otherwise
  • And failing all of this, call on other nations to send their troops to help subjugate American citizens.

It’s really the only narrative that makes sense given the very specific “Orders We Will NOT Obey” listed by the Oath Keepers.

I know all of this seems shocking, but there are really only two possibilities. Either there is a secret plan by President Obama to turn America into a totalitarian regime that he will rule with an iron fist, or the Oath Keepers are paranoid and out of touch with reality. I know which one sounds right to me. But sleep tight, the Oath Keepers are well-armed and ever watchful for the first sign that they need to spring into action.


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