ACORN Free to Help More Pimps

James O'Keefe - Pimp

The ACORN headquarters in Brooklyn has been cleared of wrongdoing despite James O’Keefe’s groundbreaking and courageous hidden camera exposé.

As you remember, last fall James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles (pictured here) visited several ACORN offices asking for their help to break the law. They asked for help hiding profits from prostitution from the IRS. They asked for how to claim child prostitutes as dependents. Then they took the raw video from those visits, edited it, and produced a damning exposé of ACORN’s inherent corruption.

Now Brooklyn prosecutors have cleared their ACORN office just because the unedited video wasn’t as damning. My question is, how can mere editing add criminality where none existed before? It doesn’t matter what they added, subtracted, or rearranged. The content of the video remains the same, and I’m not alone in believing this. To quote Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes:

“That investigation is now concluded and…criminality has been found.”

And yet no charges have been filed. Distressing.

Just because he wasn’t actually dressed in his outrageous pimp costume while at any of the ACORN offices makes no difference. Just because you can make it look like ACORN didn’t do anything actually illegal (just by un-editing the tape) makes no difference. ACORN is guilty, and we all know it. And now they’re free to help all the pimps they want.


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