The Stubborn Majority

GandhiAs I said recently, there’s a lot to learn from the lessons of the past. Mahatma Gandhi and Bartleby the Scrivener are powerful historical figures, and the subject bears a little more study. One of Gandhi’s lessons was that oligarchies are inherently unstable. A small minority of people simply can’t govern the majority if the majority refuses to be governed. They don’t have the resources or the will. This is a lesson that we need to take to heart.

A corollary is that democracies can’t work if the minority can outvote the majority. That’s clearly what happened in 2008. I don’t know one single person who voted for Obama. Not one. You can’t tell me that he was voted in by a majority. I simply won’t believe you. And yet there he is, occupying the White House, like the British occupying  India. Well, it’s time to march to the sea to make our own salt. It’s time to tell the socialists: “No.” This is my country, and I will not let you take it away just because you “won” some election that probably wasn’t even fair. No. I’m going to follow the example of Gandhi and Bartleby and do nothing. That’s the only way that anything is going to get done.

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