The New Civil Rights

Supreme CourtThe recent Supreme Court decision to expand Corporate civil rights was an important advancement (as I have explained before here and here) but it was only a beginning. Corporations are still discriminated against every day, and that discrimination takes many forms. We will not be truly free as a Nation until everyone, Citizen and Corporation alike, are treated as equals.

Some of the first things that have to change are the laws and regulations regarding mergers and acquisitions. The current arrangements under civil law are a good stop-gap measure, and may have been adequate in the past, but Corporations now need full marriage rights. We can’t have one set of laws for some people, and a second set of laws for others. It’s a fundamental matter of justice and equality.

On a more practical note, another possible benefit of allowing Corporations to marry is that the partnerships may be more lasting. I often hear about companies merging only to break apart again when it seems profitable. But if they were legally married maybe they’d think twice before they put the stockholders through that sort of trauma. I would also advocate instituting Corporate Covenant Marriage. Under this plan, both Corporations would agree not to split for some well-defined period of time unless there are very extenuating circumstances, and even then they’d need extensive counseling from an accountant before they were allowed to split.

Before you email me, I already know what you’re going to say: “But Thom, the Bible says that marriage is only for humans. It’s weird and wrong to let Corporations marry. It’s never been done in the past, and we shouldn’t do it now.” Well, that’s just bigoted. Open your heart and allow others to have the same rights you have. It’s not like we’re talking about gay marriage.


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