Agree to Disagree

Agree/DisagreeSomeone on television (I wish I could remember who — if you know please tell me) explained the vastly different beliefs of well-meaning liberals and Conservatives thusly: liberals and Conservatives live in different “fact-universes”.

The idea is this: reasonable and intelligent people can come to completely different conclusions about the same subject if they start from different ‘givens’. This, of course, is true, and you can take this general truth in one of two ways.

  • Lefty, moral-relativist way — both sides are internally logically consistent, so they’re both valid for proponents of that philosophy.
  • Correct way — I am right, and you are wrong. Your philosophical foundations are wrong, and anything you build on them is doomed to totter and fall. I don’t expect you to change your mind, but please be quiet. You are disturbing the adults.

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