The Immoral Cloture

Senate SealI got an email about my post on the filibuster, asking:

“You’re counting cloture votes, not filibusters. Why is that? Cloture motions are requests to stop filibusters, and as such are good. They help the Senate do business. Shouldn’t you be counting and condemning filibusters themselves?”

Well, there is a difference between cloture motions and filibusters, but it isn’t what you said. The difference is that cloture votes are immoral. They seek to stop filibusters, which are debates on the floor of the Senate. I’ll rephrase that more clearly: a vote for cloture is a vote to end debate in the Senate. Isn’t our great Nation founded on debate? We declared independence from Britain so that we could govern ourselves in the way we saw fit. We are a Nation of Ideas, sir. And nothing is as good for us as a healthy and vigorous debate and that is what cloture seeks to end.

I await your apology, but somehow I don’t think you’ll be offering one.

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