The New Tea Party

TPAINFriends, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Tea Party movement lately, and what we can do in TPAIN (Tea Parties for America’s Indivisible Nation) to focus our efforts into real, lasting change. The good kind of change, not the recent bad kind. I’ve been thinking about the original Boston Tea Party, and what it can teach us.

In 1773, colonists were upset with the Tea Act, which was a British law that levied a tax on tea imported to the colonies. The colonists were upset because they didn’t consent to this tax, and so they did what was necessary: they destroyed the object that was being unfairly taxed. They took three shiploads of tea and threw it in the Boston Harbor rather than let it be returned to Britain. This was one of acts which led directly to the Revolution and the formation of the United States of America.

We can learn a lot from these patriots. Fellow TPAIN Patriots, I call for the modern equivalent to the Boston Tea Party. Britain wanted to unfairly tax tea? We destroyed the tea. Now the government wants to unfairly tax our income. I say, let’s destroy our income! I call on all the TPAIN Patriots to decrease their income as much as possible. Let’s stick it to Obama and really show him what for. And you don’t have to have already lost your job to help. You can quit your job now, or at least take leave without pay.

Before long, the President will get the message. If you think you represent us, you don’t. If you tax us, we will not work. If you try to stimulate the economy, we will not be stimulated.


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