Bachmann in Overdrive

Michele BachmannRep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) was a speaker at the CPAC conference last week, and she made some bold statements. Bold but true. She said:

“The joy of being an American is that we get to choose. We get to choose our destiny, whether it is decline or greatness.”

So, so true. As Americans we do get to choose our destiny, and we do it in two ways. First, we choose the leaders we want to represent us. We choose the ones that we believe have the right vision for America, and who we think can be effective in governance. Second, we strive to succeed in our own lives. America is a Nation of individuals, and as unlikely as it sounds that one person can make a difference, it is nonetheless true.

On the first point she was direct. She criticized the President harshly, saying of his economic policies: “Sounds to me like someone is choosing decline.” She compared his policies to those of FDR, who she described as: “taking a manageable recession and turning it into a Great Depression.” She explained that Obama’s “thought police” were what was keeping the masses from knowing the truth about Obama’s failed and failing policies. It would take a powerful group to keep the truth from breaking free and spreading the food of knowledge to the hungry masses, and as Bachmann helpfully explained: “What does that say about Obama’s thought police and Obama’s speech police?”

On the second point, she gave a shining example of how one person can make a difference: her son.  While in medical school, he decided to convert his roommate (a “San Francisco liberal”) into a “Pat Buchanan, WorldNetDaily-reading conservative”. Through hard work and persistence, he finally made the difference: his roommate emailed him a Pat Buchanan column from WND. The cynics out there will say that his roommate didn’t change his entire world-view, but just emailed the column to shut Bachmann’s son up. To you I say: shame on you. Stop being so cynical. It’s unattractive.


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