Glenn Beck

(((GB)))I get a lot of email complaining about the supposed ‘bias’ of Fox News, and a lot of it centers on Glenn Beck. Well, I don’t see it, and in fact I can demonstrate that it is not true.

Remember that the free hand of the invisible market works in mysterious ways. It is able to unerringly determine the actual value of anything. If you think about it, even for just a second, it’s obvious. What is the value of something? It’s equal to what people will pay for it, or the market value. Q.E.D.

Folks, Glenn Beck is very popular. Everyone I know watches him every day. That’s batting a hundred. Don’t you think that if Glenn Beck were wrong that someone would have pointed this out? And if he were wrong, and someone pointed this out, why would people still watch him? That would be ridiculous. Therefore, since (1) he’s very popular, and (2) everyone still watches him, then he must be correct. It’s the power of the free market at work.

2 Responses to “Glenn Beck”
  1. I think you may find my most recent blog post interesting. It could lead to some discussion.

  2. Video shows how Beck got his start in TV.

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