Mahatma Bartleby

Where all the magic happens.It’s easy to feel down about the state of America today. President George W. Bush spent eight years making us safer and making sure America was on the right path, and now all of that is over. In just a year, we have unprecedented job losses, a failed economy, huge government handouts to companies that don’t deserve it, a Congress trying to turn America into a socialist nation, and an ivy league elitist for a President.

But don’t despair. There’s a lot of inspiration to be taken from the lessons of the past. Take two important historical figures: Mohandas K. Gandhi and Bartleby the Scrivener. Both showed us the power of inaction. They both literally did nothing and caused no end of trouble for those who were trying to tell them to do things that they had no intention of doing. Today we have their equal in the United States Senate. Republicans are looking straight into the eyes of the democrats and socialists (I’m looking at you, Senator Sanders and President Obama) and saying: “I would prefer not to.” Powerful stuff, folks. Really an inspiration to us all.


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