Political Climate Change

Start Political Climate Change Now!There is an insidious and critical problem that threatens to destroy our world. If we don’t change the political climate, and soon, the cumulative effects may not be reversible. You see, for years now the left has been spewing out these wrong-headed half-cooked political fables that they call a philosophy. These ideas aren’t that dangerous in small amounts, but the more of this stuff that’s out there, the more of an effect it can have. As it accumulates, people start thinking of these socialist ideas as not only acceptable, but some of them actually start to believe in them. And the more people that actually believe these lies, the more acceptable they seem. The effect builds on itself in a feedback loop until, unless this process is stopped, the inevitable will happen.

We’ll hit the point of no return, and the political system will become chaotic and unstable. There’ll be pockets of far-left nut-jobs where there were previously patriotic Americans. There’ll be swaths right-wing true believers where there were democrats. There will be floods of immigration and emigration. We’ll have people starving for good candidates and good policy, but who will have none. It will be a tragedy of unprecedented proportions.

There will be a lot of nay-sayers. Where’s your evidence? I don’t see any proof! It’s just part of the natural political cycle! Well, nuts to you. Just because you don’t see it (or more accurately, don’t want to see it) doesn’t mean it’s not real and it certainly doesn’t mean that you will be spared the consequences. No, we must start action now. It takes a long time to undo the kind of damage which has already been done. In the metaphorical words of the last administration: we can’t wait for the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. We have to counter liberal philosophy. We have to counter liberal activism. We have to take drastic and immediate action, at every opportunity, to start political climate change now. Our very survival is at stake.

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