Political Baraminology

Re-ProofI got an angry email from a reader saying that I was “talking in circles” in my previous explanation of the Congressional approval ratings. From the email:

“If you’re saying that Democrats approve of the obstructionist policies of the Republicans, and the approval rating is higher among Democrats because they like this standstill, then why are the other approval ratings so low? Wouldn’t Republicans like the standstill even more? If you’re going to be consistent, you’d have to say that Independents and Republicans approve of President Obama’s policies, and that they are upset with Congress because they aren’t being passed. That’s if you are interested in consistency, which I doubt.”

Well, Angry Reader, I am interested in consistency — where applicable. It’s just like a leftist to demand that everything is treated equally, whether they should be or not. You first mistake was that. Your second mistake was in thinking that the same things motivate democrats and Republicans. Of course this is not true. I’ll break the basic motivations down by political type (or baramin). These are broad generalizations, but generally true:

  • Liberal: Wants the world to be absolutely fair to everyone (which is ludicrous). Votes on the basis of who they believe is the most ideologically pure without regard to the validity of that ideology.
  • Independent: Can’t make up their mind what they believe. Generally torn between the pleasant-sounding platitudes of the left and the common-sense wisdom of the right. Votes for whoever that hate least.
  • Conservative: Beliefs are based on a logical and accurate knowledge of how the world works. Pragmatic and rational. Votes for the best candidate.

Therefore, when democratic voters are liberals, they vote for their pet candidate (like Dennis Kucinich). It doesn’t matter whether they can actually pass anything. It only matters that they try to pass the right things. But when democratic voters are Conservatives (and start thinking rationally), they realize that government itself is the problem. Especially this government. I’m surprised that there’s even as much non-leftist support as the poll says there is. They must have underestimated the margin of error.

I patiently await your public apology.


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