Congressional Approval

Proof!I posted before that Gallup shows an 18% approval rating for Congress right now. Well, that’s true, but it’s only part of the picture. If you split the rating by party affiliation you find that only 30% of democrats, 13% of Independents, and 11% of Republicans approve of their performance. You can glean a lot of information from this if you look at it just right.

Think about it this way. Congress is not passing anything important, and the standstill looks like it’s not going to end anytime soon. Almost three times more democrats than Independents or Republicans approve of this. Why do the democrats not want President Obama to pass any legislation? Well, look at the legislation that isn’t passing: Obamacare. Cap and Trade. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. All liberal stuff. This can only mean that democrats (at least 30% of them) have finally started joining the ranks of right-thinking Conservatives.

Let’s take this logic train to the next station. If almost a third of democratic voters are actually Conservatives, then what does this mean about the democrats in Congress? A good portion of them must actually also be Conservatives. Probably not on every single issue, but enough to win the votes of the Conservative democrats. (Remember, liberal democrats will just vote for whoever has the ‘D’ by their name, so we can safely disregard those mouth-breathers).

Next station. If all Republicans are Conservative (which is a given), and a good portion of democrats are Conservative, then that leaves only a small minority of Congress that is actually liberal. The whole idea that this is a 50:50 nation is exposed as a lie. America is a Conservative nation and we need to stop pretending otherwise. And the liberal democrats in Congress need to realize that their political future hinges upon them thinking, acting, and voting Conservatively.

One Response to “Congressional Approval”
  1. smrtas1 says:

    Good analysis. I took it to mean that the far left was upset that the agenda isn’t getting implemented (meaning that they are upset with congress for not being able to ram everything through). The center left is upset that congress is trying so hard to pass far left agenda as are center and right independants and center to right republicans.

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