ConservapediaA reader wrote in response to my earlier Conservapedia vs. Wikipedia post, disputing that Wikipedia was biased, and saying that baraminology wasn’t a (and I quote): “generally accepted or acceptable taxonomic classification system“. Well, let me classify your response as wrong.

Just look at the quote from Conservapedia, which they took from Jonathan Sarfati on Where he says ‘kind‘, ‘baramin‘ can be substituted:

“Based on the Biblical criterion for kinds, creationists deduce that as long as two creatures can hybridize with true fertilization, the two creatures are (i.e. descended from) the same kind [baramin]. Also, if two creatures can hybridize with the same third creature, they are all members of the same kind. The hybridization criterion is a valid operational definition, which could in principle enable researchers to list all the kinds. The implication is one-way—hybridization is evidence that they are the same kind, but it does not necessarily follow that if hybridization cannot occur then they are not members of the same kind (failure to hybridize could be due to degenerative mutations). After all, there are couples who can’t have children, and we don’t classify them as a different species, let alone a different kind.”

Now think about what the scientific method is. You observe the world, generate a hypothesis, make predictions, test those predictions, and interpret the results. There you have it, folks. All you have to do is to try to breed each suspected baramin with each other suspected baramin, see if they can reproduce, and you have satisfied the requirements of the scientific method and created Baraminology. A real science. It’ll take a while to go through all the combinations of suspected baramins, but it can be done.


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