2010 is the New 2012

Saint ObamaThe importance of the elections this November cannot be overestimated. Voters will go to the polls and vote, city by city, state by state. They’ll cast their ballots, and the results will creep back in, east to west, and by the end of the night we’ll know (by and large) who has won and who has lost. The American People will have won, and President Obama will have lost. “Wait, Thom,” I can hear you say, “President Obama isn’t up for re-election this year. How can he lose?” Well, he’s not up for re-election by name, but he definitely is by proxy.

Look at the approval ratings for Congress: 18% approval according to Gallup. That’s less than one in five that even approves of their performance, and that looks very bad for incumbents. Since the vast majority of incumbents are democrats, that means that they’ll take huge losses in November, handing President Obama a major defeat. That’s why this election is essentially a referendum on President Obama’s failed policies. Get over it, lefties. Just give up.

2 Responses to “2010 is the New 2012”
  1. jonolan says:

    Whether or not a crushing defeat of the Dems in 2010 would be a defeat for Obama depends entirely upon what his actual goals are.

    If he is a “true believer” in the Leftists’ ideology, then it will be a crushing defeat.

    If, however, he is more interested in getting a second term as POTUS than in foisting neo-Socialist statist ideals upon America then broad GOP victories in 2010 could be very good for him.

    Clinton did quite well with an antagonistic Congress after all. It let him spin himself as a crusader for the Left without actually having to accomplish much at all – and it gave him the GOP to blame for every failure.

  2. Why do they have to pick a party? It’s a joke. The organizers of their convention put forward that their goals were to big moderate republican candidates. All their bashing is against the Democratic Party.

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