Run, Sarah, Run!

Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin has again shown why she would be a better President than President Barack Hussein Obama. In a recent interview with Fox News she said a whole slew of things that are obvious to clear-headed Conservatives, but that you can’t often say without hearing a bunch of whining from the left. About Attorney General Holder:

“Holder is giving poor advice on how we are to treat these terrorists, to bestow upon these terrorists the constitutional rights that our men and women in uniform fight and die for. These terrorists do not deserve these protections. And yet we are choosing, according to the White House, we are to choose to give them these protections. That’s nonsense, they do not deserve these protections.”

Finally, someone who is willing to say the obvious. Constitutional rights are okay for most instances, but if you’re evil enough then you’ll just get them dirty with your blood-stained little hands. And we already know this guy is guilty, so what’s the deal? Why make it easier for him to get away with it? Now that he’s lawyered-up he can just sit quietly in his cell until we have to let him go, and who knows what other plots might be out there right now. Every minute we’re not extracting information from this guy (using whatever means necessary) is another minute that we could be attacked. Think about that. Anyway, just because the crime was committed in the United States is no reason to use the United States legal system to deal with it. Our legal system is not sufficient to handle people this evil.

About Rahm Emanuel:

“I am not a word-police person but there are some things — and remember too it’s not as benign as the White House wants to spin this into. He didn’t just use the R-word applying it to a plan — he called opponents of a plan f’ing retards. That’s demeaning, degrading, it’s beneath the dignity of the White House. That alone should I think make the president ask for that do-over with his chief of staff.”

I applaud the sentiment here, but I have a question. Did Emanuel say that a plan was ‘f***ing retarded‘ (like the WSJ said) or did he call a group of democrats ‘f***ing retards‘ (like Sarah said)? That might not seem to be much different, but the second version is much worse. Words get more offensive the shorter you make them. ‘Retarded‘ is less offensive than ‘retard‘, which is less offensive than ‘tard‘. You can get away with calling a gay person a ‘homosexual‘, but ‘homo‘ will get you slapped. Usually not very hard, but slapped nonetheless.

With opinions like this, it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t support her.


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