Tea Parties Unite!

Tea BagFolks, it’s hard not to get discouraged sometimes. We’re doing great things in this nation, but I can’t help thinking of how much more we could accomplish. Sure, we elected a Republican in Massachusetts, but on the other hand, there is still a Massachusetts.

A lot of people are saying that we won Massachusetts because of discontent with Obama, or Obamacare, or Obamanomics, but they can’t see the forest for the trees. We won in Massachusetts because people are angry, and nowhere is that anger more personified than in the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party movement is a positive force for destruction, but it’s unfocused. There are so many splinter groups addressing so many different things that (although they’ve made a huge difference in this national election in Massachusetts) it’s hard not to think of how much more they could have done with a more coherent direction. The power of the Tea Party movement is diffused simply because there are so many different Tea Party groups.

That is why I am pleased to announce the formation of a new Tea Party umbrella group: Tea Parties for America’s Indivisible Nation, or TPAIN. TPAIN is dedicated to making sure that all of the individual Tea Party groups operate in harmony —  all perfectly tuned to the right frequency —  so that they can make the most difference for America.

There are a lot of details left to work out. We need to make some by-laws, choose officers, form committees, choose a logo, etc. We need to get these done fairly quickly because we need to be rolling by November, so if you’d like to help let me know. We need to know who’s on the boat and who isn’t.

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