Palin v. Obama, Round Two

Beauty and the BeastI guess that I wasn’t clear enough as to why Sarah Palin, at least on paper, would be a much better President of the United States and de facto Leader of the Free World than Barack Hussein Obama. For those who have to have everything spelled out for them:

  • Sarah Palin went to regular colleges where you don’t get indoctrinated into liberalism. Obama went to Columbia University in New York, and Harvard University in Massachusetts. and then he taught Constitutional Law in Chicago. I mean, come on. How stereotypical can you get?
  • Sarah Palin served in the executive branch while Barack Hussein Obama served in the legislative branch. She knows what is expected in a leader, whereas he just knows how to get bills made into laws. Big deal, I learned that as a child in Saturday morning cartoons.
  • Sarah Palin never served in Washington D.C., while Barack Hussein Obama was in the Senate there for several years. All political experience is bad, but serving in D.C. is especially bad. You can’t live in a pig sty without getting dirty.
  • Sarah Palin has what I like to call zazz. She’s a likable person, congenial, and interested in regular stuff like sports. Barack Hussein Obama seems like that guy who stayed home at night to study. You’d say, “Barry! Come out and have fun with us regular people!” and he’d just mumble something about an exam. What a jerk.

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