Politics and Politicians

USA! USA! USA!Politics is ruined by politicians.

I know that sounds like a contradiction, but it really isn’t. Think back to our founding. George Washington, the first President of the United States, resigned after one term to become a farmer. A lot of people wanted him to be a sort of ‘President for Life’, but he rightly saw that entrenched power is inherently bad and corrupting. If you spend too much time as a politician, you inevitably become corrupted by the system and no longer serve the interests of the people. Everybody knows this instinctively (which is the truest sort of knowledge).

It’s the same nowadays, but no one has the Good Common Sense™ to quit while they’re still uncorrupted. And by the time they become corrupted, they’re already too corrupt to quit. It’s a catch-22 that can only be solved with term limits. Let’s face it, we can’t always depend upon elections to choose the correct victor. Sometimes the people get it wrong. For every George W. Bush there’s a Bill Clinton. For every Jimmy Carter there’s a Richard Nixon. I trust I’ve made my point.

Term limits are the only way to guarantee that no one has enough experience with politics to be dangerous. I can hear the lefties howling now, so please allow me to cut you people off. You don’t need experience to be a politician. Had George Washington ever held elected office before he was President? No. And that turned out great. Why? Because he was the right kind of leader: a politician that believes the right things and thinks in the right way.

This is exactly why Sarah Palin would have made a great President. She’s not a Washington insider. She’s not skilled in the machinations of government (that’s what your staff is for). She’s not some subject-matter expert (that’s what advisors are for). She’s just a regular person who thinks like a regular person, and that’s who we need in charge of the country. Not some Ivy-league Ivory-Tower bureaucrat or some insidious Washington insider. We don’t need some intellectual who’s going to over-think everything and flip-flop all over the place. We need someone who knows they’re right in their heart, and who is not going to change their mind, and Sarah Palin is that person.


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