Supreme Liar

Supreme CourtThere’s something else that needs to be addressed about the State of the Union speech Wednesday. Something maybe even more shameful than what I’ve already written about, and that’s the way that President Obama treated the Supreme Court. Now, I’ve given kudos to the Supremes already for their important strides in corporate civil rights and their stoic resistance of President Obama’s vitriol at the State of the Union, but I missed something that needs recognition.

President Obama attacked the Supreme Court (and the separation of powers) Wednesday by openly criticizing and lying about the implications of the recent decision recognizing the civil rights of corporations. He said that it opened the door to foreign involvement in our political campaigns.

I’ve already said that this would be okay, since the American people are too intelligent to be swayed by mere advertising, but now we know that it’s a moot point anyway. After Obama made his scurrilous accusation, Justice Alito could clearly be seen calmly mouthing the words “Simply not true.” Well, case closed. Alito was with the majority opinion, which forms the basis of the new ruling. True, the dissenting opinion warned that the ruling could open the door to foreign involvement, but they lost, and losers don’t get to make the rules or interpret the decisions. If the dissenters were so right, why didn’t they win in the first place? Huh?

Anyway, I’m proud of the Supreme Court to standing up to the tyranny of the majority. Just because the democrats won the White House and both legislative bodies doesn’t mean that they get to bully everyone and decide everything.

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