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Saint ObamaPresident Obama spoke Friday at a group of about 140 Republican legislators. He gave a short campaign-style speech and then took questions from the audience. Well, he took the questions, but damned if he gave any real answers to them. It was both impressive and educational to see the heights of rhetorical trickery of which this man is capable.

Just like at the State of the Union, he asked for bipartisanship from the Republicans, but wasn’t willing to show any himself. The primary example of this is the health care reform debate. He just kept pushing the democrat Obamacare bill without supporting any of the Republican bills. That’s not bipartisanship. Bipartisanship takes both parties. If Obama wants to show true bipartisanship he should pass the Republican plan. That would show some true bipartisanship.

Plus, he was rude. He would take a question, and then argue about the premise of the question. You don’t come into a Rebublican meeting and just argue all day. He was a guest, and where I come from a guest is supposed to be polite and not cause trouble. It’s like he was raised in a barn.

At least Fox News had the good sense to not waste time showing the whole thing. They made the right call and cut to Glenn Beck instead of showing the last twenty (or so) minutes of the conference. If I’m going to be lectured to, I want it to be by someone I already agree with.

One Response to “Q and A”
  1. Stewart says:

    The Republicans got a spanking; that’s why Fox News, in its ‘fair and balanced’ way, cut away from the event.

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