Stick 'em up!I shouldn’t have to explain this. Taxes are bad. You might be able to argue that they are a necessary evil, but evil things are bad. Point proven.

What makes taxes so bad? Well, several things, and I can’t decide which is the worst so I’ll list a few:

  1. Taxes take away money that I earned. I earned that money. It’s mine. I mean, come on.
  2. Taxes take away the incentive for self improvement. Last month I was offered a promotion with a fairly large raise. I turned it down. Why? Because it would have put me in a higher tax bracket and I would have had to pay more taxes. You might think that I would still be making more money in the end, but that doesn’t matter. That’s not how the free hand of the invisible market works. Galt lives!
  3. Taxes are communist. What do they do? They take away money from people who have it (like me) in order to give it to people who don’t have it (like democrats). That’s pretty much the definition of evil.
  4. The government spends my tax money on things that I don’t agree with. This is the same thing as me supporting those things. I can’t abide that. Who said that the government could use my money to pay for contraceptives? Or abortions? Or food for poor people? Actually, I’m probably okay with the contraceptives and abortions if you only give them to poor people, so this one might be a wash.
  5. I can spend money better than the government can. The government is inefficient. Every night on the news channel I hear about tax money wasted on ridiculous things. I can do better. You might say, what about the police and fire departments and roads? Well, let the free market decide. Let me choose which police force I want to contract with, and then I’ll hire them. I’ll end up getting better police for cheaper, because the expensive or bad police forces will go out of business. Just imagine the efficiency of the free market at work.

I mean, that’s just off the top of my head, so you can just imagine all the other things I’m not even thinking of.


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