State of the Union

Where all the magic happens.I’ve had a little time to think about Wednesday’s State of the Union address, but I can’t address all that is wrong with it in just one post. Here’s a start, though.

This address has to be taken in context. The President has failed to pass any major legislation, he’s personally responsible for major stimulus legislation that isn’t working, and he now has an effective minority of 57 in the Senate. It’s no wonder he was shaken and defensive during the entire address, and fell back to his standard campaign promises and cheap rhetorical trickery.

The first striking thing was how he refused to take responsibility for the critical issues facing this country. Yeah, the last president (who wasn’t a real Republican, remember) did leave some debt. He had no choice, though. We were attacked by terrorists from the Middle East, and so we had to go to war in the Middle East. You can quibble about the countries he chose, but you can’t deny that something needed to be done. Anyway, 43 didn’t have any choice. Get over it. It’s been over a year since the election and President Obama won’t stop harping on the fact that the majority of the debt was handed to him. Who cares? You, Sir, failed to fix it. You said you’d fix it and you haven’t. Everyone is tired of this blame game, so stop playing it and take the blame that you deserve.

Second, he was attacking Republicans for not supporting his agenda. Really? What does he expect? If he wanted his leftist bills to pass he should have tried to get a democratic super-majority in both houses. Don’t blame Republicans for being unified against socialism.

Next, he claimed to have not raised any taxes. Well, maybe he doesn’t count fees as taxes, but I sure do. He can play these rhetorical tricks all day, but any time I have to spend more of my hard-earned money because of something the government does then I call that a tax. Regardless of the ‘dictionary’ definition of tax.

And don’t get me started on his statement: “For those who have yet to believe the overwhelming scientific evidence that exists on climate change…”. Just a few decades ago scientists were warning of a coming ice age, and now it’s supposed to get warmer. Pick a side, scientists. I mean, my weather guy can’t even get this week’s weather right. Why would I expect climatologists to be any better? I thought after Climategate that all of this silliness would go away, but I guess some people just refuse to pull the wool off of their own eyes.

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