Cut Down This Oak

ACORNI can’t believe that they have the audacity, but then again, I’m not that surprised. After being filmed trying to help an (alleged) pimp and prostitute with taxes and loans for a brothel for underaged prostitutes, one of the child-prostitution-enablers from ACORN is suing (for money!) the well-meaning undercover film makers for causing “emotional stress, harm, and injury.” Well, what about the emotional stress, harm and injury of all those under-aged prostitutes? In all of the sound and fury, they seem to have been forgotten. Typical.

I mean, ACORN is a blight on our nation. It’s no wonder they have one of those acronym names, like SPECTRE or KAOS. But the worst thing about ACORN is that acorns grow into mighty oaks, which then grow into our water mains, and I have to pay for that since it’s on my property. The city won’t help at all. Citizens, we have to cut down ACORN before it can grow into an oak tree and threaten the very slab of our great nation.

And all the film makers were trying to do was to show how evil an organization ACORN really is. They were doing their patriotic duty by trying to bring down an organization that not only helps turn out child prostitutes, and then get them tax breaks, but also tries it’s best to bankrupt our great nation by connecting the hungry mouths of the poor and downtrodden to the teat of government assistance. I’m very sorry about that metaphor.But the point is that the film makers are being sued for doing their patriotic duty. If this doesn’t prove the need for tort reform, then nothing will.


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