An Open Letter to the Esteemed Political Class:

You are not listening to the people.

We have been very clear about what we want, and more especially, what we do not want. I, and many of my fellow patriots, have inundated you with emails, auto-calls, faxes, petitions, and the like, and you still don’t seem to be hearing us. We spoke in November 2008. Almost half of voting America made it very clear that we do not want the sort of change that we, frankly, don’t believe in. Almost half. That’s millions of Americans. And yet you seem obsessed with enacting your imprudent and ill-advised policies, above our shouts and screams. And unanswered emails.

You may believe that you have our best interests at heart. That may well be true. You may believe that given your experience as a legislator, when combined with the knowledge of subject-matter experts that may be available to you, the research of your staff, the input of affected parties, that all these things might enable you to make an informed and reasonable decision. But this is precisely what is wrong with you. You, dear Sir, have been corrupted by the system. Only those unsullied by the system and pure of heart can make a truly patriotic decision, much like only a virgin can ride a unicorn. Our political system will reek with corruption until we can ensure that no politician can stay in office long enough to be corrupted in the first place. We don’t need an entrenched class of politicians. You need to understand that being a politician is not a profession. It is a hobby.


A Patriot


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